Boy, time flies when you’re having fun!



I’ve had such vision for this blog over the years.  And I still do, it’s just had to take a back seat.  In May, I took a full time Recruiting job working in Baltimore with a reputable financial firm.  It was a big and important career move for me.  Working from home was always what I did.  It was all I really knew (post having children).  I thought it would be really hard to go back to work.  Let’s just say that as much as I love being at home as a wife, mother, Recruiter and furniture slider arounder and part time self proclaimed organizer and banana bread maker — this job completes me.  Maybe it just completes me right now.  Maybe I’m shallow and jacked up and a bad Mom and all I have really wanted to do all of these years is be gone all day long.  But I’m happy, really happy.  I definitely have my days, though.  Certain times a month I will treat my husband as if it’s plain torture that I have to work and he gets to stay home with the kids.  But, as I’m dashing out of the house with the breakfast in my stomach that my husband made me, my second cup of coffee that I’m drinking from a to-go mug that he prepared for me, my neatly packed lunch that he put in my cute lunch bag and my most likely new outfit and showered self with straightened hair and make up done, I’m happy.  I mean, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be?  I could be living in pretend land, but so far, I don’t see that my children have been affected by my absence during the day hours.  It could be that my husband is amazing and that God loves us.  I’m going with that. 

This job is a 6 month contract, dated to end in November.  It could last longer.  I’m not sure. 
I’m just trying to enjoy life and be thankful for His blessings.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to get a hold of my blog life again and write with some meaning.


xo and Thanks for reading :)



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4 Comments to “Boy, time flies when you’re having fun!”

  1. Glad you’re enjoying work!

  2. Love this post, love that you’re a mom who enjoys her job! Love reading something I can relate to:

    “this job completes me…Maybe I’m shallow and jacked up and a bad Mom”

    I know you’re not a bad mom and I know I’m not either. But sometimes, at the end of the day, when I’m exhausted {and most likely PMSing too}, I think that feeling like my job completes me must mean I’m a bad Mom.

    Best of luck to you when your contract ends, and I hope you have the opportunity to continue doing something that you love…whatever that may turn out to be :)

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