Simple Mom’s Project Simplify — Week 1, day 3

Things are moving along quite nicely!  I had zero internet access on Monday (couldn’t work) so guess what?  I did just about everything for the week  on Monday.  The baby slept like 5 hours worth of naps so I had a lot going for me!

My closets weren’t bad, just parts were.  I took Tsh’s advice and got out the full length mirror and everything.  I tried it ALL ON.  I tossed a lot of stained t-shirts (note to self, don’t always buy white even though it’s your favorite…or stop being a slob, whichever)  I tossed one  huge trashbag worth of clothes from the closet alone.  I have one big trashbag full of giveaways as well.  I also went through my drawers.  All of my underwear are cute and look brand new.  No uglies.  All the bras fit.  All the pj’s are at least semi-cute.  I did learn that I love argyle.  Boy, do I love argyle.  And gold shoes.  I have a halfway decent digital camera but since my iPhone is way easier to snap and upload that is what you have, friends.


*This shoe rack shelf thingy had dress pants that have needed to go to the cleaners for 4 years (toss), a pile of file folders that needed to be sorted through (3 years in the waiting) a fake Louis Vuitton bag that I was hoping I could prove was real (toss), a huge sweater that makes me look like a linebacker (donate) and ill fitting workout gear (donate).  I kept putting this off so it was really nice to deal with it once and for all.

*hideous dress I once thought acceptable.

*Spring/Summer that needed sorting through…

*during…even the dog was over it.

*this drawer should have gotten up and walked out on me years ago, but she didn’t.  She was so patient…everything got stuffed into this tiny drawer.  Poor girl.

*more during


The before pics aren’t that bad, but really, like I said, it was the little things that needed to be done that weren’t so noticeable.  I’m SOOOO thankful I did this.  Big weight lifted.  Next it’s my nightstand and under my bathroom sink to complete the bedroom.  (At least my side!  Chad can decide to do this if he wants to on his own!)

Thanks to Simple Mom and her hot spot of the week I’m gonna have things nice and uncluttered!

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8 Comments to “Simple Mom’s Project Simplify — Week 1, day 3”

  1. Love that dress ;) good stuff beth!

  2. I don’t know how you manage to make me laugh out loud at a post on de-cluttering, but you did. ;)

  3. Wow Beth, good for you! When I was teaching at Chesapeake I would ask Julie K to give me a thumbs up or down on my outfit. If it was a thumbs down it would get donated! I always thought it would be fun to have a friend over and do what you did with trying all your clothes on. Thanks for encouraging us to simplify!

  4. I didn’t get started until Tuesday, forgot about it. I’m making headway but haven’t had a huge amount of time to devote each day. I did take some pics, maybe when I’m done I’ll get a chance to blog about it. Also, I found some clothes that you lent to me after Liam was born…I’m sure they’re too big for you now but do you want me to bring them to you on Sunday?

  5. Awesome! We did this a few weeks ago with Josh’s clothes. We tossed a bunch a way and donated a HUGE bag. I made my week! I’d been trying to get him to go through his stuff for ages. He’s such a horder, ha ha! Now he’s newly inspired for more strategic purchases now that he has to dress better and wear a suit a few times a month. :) Any way, decluttering always feels so good!

  6. Props to you, Beth, not just for decluttering, but amking me laugh reading about it. “Hideous dress I once thought acceptable” comment cracked me up. I know I’ve looked at some of my clothes this past week and said, “What was I THINKING?” Sure helps the sanity to keep a sense of humor in the midst of this “simplifying” stuff!

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