Quick Kitchen Re-Do (and a tiny tribute)

This is definitely a bitter-sweet post.  I never knew of the woman and her kitchen that I am attempting to mimic my kitchen after, but I have recently found out that this woman’s house has burned to the ground.  Isn’t that awful?  Something you can’t ever imagine becoming a reality.  I was not a regular blog follower, but I have checked in once or twice and bookmarked her page for her decorating abilities.  Now that I have read her story and have seen of her amazing friends and family I fully intend on keeping up with her life.  Her name is Edie and I’m humbled by her decorating abilities.  I’m confident that if she could make something as beautiful as she did once, she will be able to make it doubly beautiful for the next home.  I’m praying for her family as they attempt to recover from this horrible accident.

Here is Edie’s very charming kitchen…

How beautiful is that? Ever since I saw her link last year on her kitchen project I have had it bookmarked because I love it so.  My kitchen is much smaller than hers and my cabinets are fewer.  BUT, I have started to give it a whirl….



























a closer look…



























What do you think?  If I decide to keep it this way there are some more changes that need to happen.  I’d love to get those little $5 IKEA reading lamps and clamp them to the top like Edie did.  I did add a tiny tea light on the second shelf next to the glasses to give a little visual interest.  I think that’s a cute and cheap idea if you have open or see through cabinets to add if you don’t have cabinet lighting — especially at night or when you have guests.  We would also like to paint the cabinets, change out the knobs and paint the walls but all in due time.  And I need to decide if i really like it first.  Also, my cabinets did not look like this on the inside until I took the doors off, scrubbed them and rearranged.  I had to do a lot of rearranging but I’m really happy with it.  It gives my kitchen a very charming feel without feeling cluttered.  And the bonus?  I didn’t spend a dime.

Edie, I’m looking forward to seeing what God has next for you and you know the rest of us are excited to see new transformations and the beauty that you will create.  Praying for grace and peace to you and your family.

9 Responses to “Quick Kitchen Re-Do (and a tiny tribute)”

  1. Beth, I love it!

  2. Beth, I love it!!

  3. I’m in love with open shelving, so I really like it. I want to do that in my next kitchen. I just heard about Edie lately when the fire happened through Chatting at the Sky and the Nester. Her kitchen WAS lovely. :(

    • Thanks! I know you have new cabinetry. I wouldn’t have taken the faces off of the cabinets if they were nice, wood cabinets. Made it an easy decision for me! I tend to keep things that are pretty but not so useful – so this is great for me so I can display it without it taking up a ton of space elsewhere. Now I just have to cram my food into smaller space. Ha.

  4. You relieved accomplished the Edie style in your kitchen. Bravo! I just read some of her blog. What a tragedy. Thanks for linking to it so we can pray.


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